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Happy & Humming

What do you do when need to be somewhere, but hate being there? It’s uncomfortable, you feel out of place, but you can’t get out of it.

There has been a few times in my life when I felt out of place, but what immediately comes to mind is the first grade. Mrs. Ryan was my teacher. She was an elderly lady and I don’t remember her ever smiling. Before starting first grade, I didn’t go to a daycare or preschool. See, back in the day there wasn’t a kindergarten; at least not at my school. Because my mom had to work, my grandmother took care of me. I spent many days at my grandmother’s house with my grandmother, great grandmother, & aunt. My grandmother was the only one who spoke English. So, I went straight into first grade. I didn’t know how to read or write. I don’t think I even knew my colors. Most of the kids were familiar with the classroom setting, knew each other, and knew a whole lot more than I did. Many times Mrs. Ryan asked me questions and if I didn’t know the answer she would get so mad at me. I remember feeling embarrassed, ashamed, and very different than everyone.

One day the class was quietly working on a coloring exercise. Out of nowhere Mrs. Ryan asks loudly and irritated, “Daphne is that you humming?” I answered, “No.” Everyone went back to working and guess what… I was humming only I didn’t realize I was. She yelled again, “Daphne that is you humming!” I got yelled at and upset poor Mrs. Ryan again. What’s funny is there was no music playing in the classroom, but apparently I had a song playing in my head. That was such a hard year for me. Six years old, shy, scared, embarrassed, and felt totally out of place. That was a hard year for me, but I made it thru first grade. I’m also happy to report that I never had to repeat a grade and even made A-Honor Roll a few times.

I’m sure after Mrs. Ryan yelled at me I kept humming inside. Music has always been my medicine. It lifts me up and takes me to a place where there is no drama or negativity. I’m glad I had my music that particular day. I could have been sitting there scared, mad, and intimated by everyone, but I was in my own little world happy & humming.

If you’re ever in a place that makes you feel out of place, remind yourself who are you. Remind yourself that Fear doesn’t come from God. You were put there for a reason, so don’t walk away. Instead, be the Strong & Courageous man or woman you were created to be. You won’t be alone and if you feel like you are, start humming. It works.


5 thoughts on “Happy & Humming

  1. Thank you for sharing those words of wisdom. Music has, and does, carry me. God feeds me and soothes me by the music playing. You help ground me and for that I praise God for such a sweet sister.


  2. Amen Sister! Wanda and I have sang many many times over different difficult situations in our lives. What a blessing to have a song in your heart.


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