Back Then


I remember a time when I was going thru some stuff.

Back then, I wasn’t in a good place.

I didn’t see a way out.

I was hurt, mad, sad, and done.

I asked myself over & over how I got there.

I beat myself up with all of the mistakes I made.

Now I think about where I’m at today.

What I learned about myself.

What I learned about those close to me.

Who I relied on the most and what helped.


It was back then, when I was at my lowest, that I discovered Him.

It was back then when I felt lost and alone, that I found Him.

It was back then that I realized He never left me.

It was back then when I realized all I had was Him & He was enough.

Back then I was going thru stuff.

We all have stuff…some of it is really hard to deal with.

Some of it we didn’t see coming.

Some of it is over and some of it will take time to get thru.

Being in pain is hard and I wish it on nobody.


I haven’t been thru everything you have and definitely don’t have all of the answers,

But I do know that the Lord can be your strength if you ask Him to,

I do know that He will send you who or what you need.

Ask Him to help you, to carry you, and to fill you with a love like no other.

Then put one foot in front of another knowing He is right there.

Walk boldly with Him, as He takes you THRU this stuff.

Thank Him for today and for back then.




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