Show Up

IMG_1387 (1)Did you play sports when you were young? Were you one of the first to get picked by a team or were you picked last? Or did you care?

I love sports and when I was young I played almost everything. I can’t say that I was really good, but I can say that I was never picked last. I guess you could say I’m competitive, but not with others. I’m really most concerned with my performance. I don’t necessarily want to be the best, but I don’t want to be the one at the bottom either. I wonder why it bothers me so much if I’m last? I’m basically in competition with myself.

Last week I participated in a 10k. I had participated in this race before and I knew what to expect. There were thousands of participants in this race and half way thru I noticed that almost everyone that was walking, was walking really fast. It was as if nobody wanted to be last. I thought it was funny because the people I was around were clearly not going to win any prizes, so why were they walking so fast. Like me, they were probably trying to beat a certain time. There’s that competing with yourself thing again.

The day after the 10k I was thinking about the race and I was a little disappointed in myself. I didn’t really prepare at all for the race and felt I could have done better.  I was being hard on myself and it wasn’t enough that I had completed the race in one piece, I needed more. Then this little voice inside me said, instead of trying to get a better time in a race, why don’t you do everything you can to continue walking, running, or moving for many more years. Why don’t you keep showing up?

Hebrews 12:1 says, “So, we too should run the race that is before us and never quit.”

We’re all in a race called life. This race is filled with obstacle courses that slow us down and try to keep us from going on. We must remember though, if we’re following Jesus we all win. All we have to do is show up and stay in the race. ‭‭

No matter what obstacle you’ve run into, don’t stop. Keep running your race. Put Jesus in front of you and he’ll get you around it, over it, or thru it. He’ll get you to your prize. All you have to do is keep running and showing up.

Place Your Order

Does your local grocery store deliver or offer curb side service? Isn’t that that the coolest thing ever! A few months ago I used the delivery service my grocery store offers for the first time. I was home alone with the flu and I ran out of the Advil I was taking. I also had my favorite tomato soup delivered to me from a restaurant. Pretty cool!

I love having that instant gratification. It’s become a way of life for many. We can go thru drive thru’s when we’re hungry or download a book when we feel like reading, but how do you deal with the things you can’t order? Things like a promotion at work, good health, or real love.

You can pray and ask God for these things, but He does things in His timing. He doesn’t offer one hour delivery on everything you ask for. He delivers what He wants and when He wants. So what should you do until then?

Maybe while we’re waiting on God to send us what we ask for, we should work with what we have. Maybe we should enjoy the journey, learn from it, and grow with it. I think if we did, we would appreciate what He sends even more.

I love the fact that if I’m home alone and sick, I could have soup delivered to me. What I love even more is God not only delivers things to me, He also keeps things from me. He knows what I need & don’t need. He’s not just trying to take my money. What are you needing today? What are you waiting on? Don’t try to find what you think you need somewhere else. He has what you need. Place your order now.