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How was your year? Did you reach any of your goals? Were you happy or sad? Are you glad it’s over? Every year I take off of work during this time of the year. It’s usually cold outside and I stay inside and enjoy some much needed quiet time. It’s my own little retreat. It’s… Continue reading Done

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I’m Gonna

 I wanna ride my bike and not be bothered.  I wanna walk by the water and let the wind mess up my hair. I wanna do both while listening to music.  I wanna sit on the beach and let my pen take to a pad.   I wanna have a day with just me and… Continue reading I’m Gonna

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Start Walking

How did you get to school? Did you take the bus? Did your mom drive you, or did you walk? I walked to school every day until I was 17. It’s crazy when I think of my five year old self walking to school. Imagine a little five year old girl walking to school by… Continue reading Start Walking

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Sometimes you need time to restart in order to fix what’s slowing you down. You need to uninstall the stuff that isn’t working for you. The stuff that isn’t doing what you thought it would do. Try downloading something better like His love, His Grace, Strength, and Power.

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Are We There Yet?

Have you ever planned an event and it felt like the event was never going to get here? What about a long rode trip? When I was about 12 we drove from Corpus Christi, Texas to San Diego, CA. Oh my Lord, that was a very long drive. There were 6 of us in a… Continue reading Are We There Yet?

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Watch Your Step

“Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.” Dr. Martin Luther King Today I was thinking about my life and how God has taken me places and has shown me so many things. I thought about His plan for me and I can actually look way back and see when… Continue reading Watch Your Step