How was your year? Did you reach any of your goals? Were you happy or sad? Are you glad it’s over?

Every year I take off of work during this time of the year. It’s usually cold outside and I stay inside and enjoy some much needed quiet time. It’s my own little retreat. It’s when I debrief.

During the year I stay pretty busy at work.. I’m one of the Coordinators and I help plan the Board Meetings that are held throughout the year. After each Board Meeting we meet to debrief. Everyone involved with the planning of the meetings are present and we discuss what went well, what didn’t go well, and how can we can make it even better. We create a “Lessons Learned List” and update our checklists. Then we start preparing for the next meeting.

I really enjoy my job. I love the before, during, and after. I love watching all of the pieces come together and it feels great when I can check off “done.” Of course it can be stressful and at every meeting there is at least one thing that doesn’t go according to plan. I hate when this happens, but I am learning to accept the fact that this happens. With every meeting I take away at least one lesson and always learn something about myself. I guess that’s what you call growing.

So now that 2017 is done, it’s time for me to go over what went well, what didn’t, and how I can make 2018 even better. First of all, I got thru it and I’m thankful. There were some changes at work, but things are good and I feel we’re going to have a great year. My family is healthy and happy and I’m thankful. Personally, I’m in a good place. I’m feeling good, still moving, and thankful.

One of the things that didn’t go well is I didn’t write very much. I love writing and reading and I didn’t spend much time doing either. Besides enjoying them, I feel that I need them. They allow me to escape for a little while and discover what’s going on with me. I think I spent this year preoccupied with everything I need to do, just finished doing, or about to do. I also enjoy walking and didn’t spend much time doing that either.

I keep myself pretty busy and enjoy the Bible Study and other groups I’m involved in, but in 2018 I need to make time for my walks. I need to find time to read, write, and simply breathe. The other thing I plan to do is spread as much love around as possible. After all of the chaos that unfolded in 2017, there is no telling what 2018 will be like and I believe Love is answer.

It’s not too late for you to prepare for the new year. It’s never too late to go over your lists or create new ones. When you do, make sure you have the right people on your team and you’ll need my Meeting Planner. Tell Him what you’d like to do and ask Him for help. He’ll work out all of the details and give you everything you need. He’s the best for the job, but you have to listen to Him, trust Him, and meet with Him regularly. No appointment is needed.

As I look back on my Lessons Learned List and 2017, the word that comes to mind is”Thankful.” I am Simply Thankful. The Bible says to Pray Without Ceasing and Give Thanks in Everything. Have you been doing this? If not, make sure to update your checklist.

I’m Gonna

 I wanna ride my bike and not be bothered. 

I wanna walk by the water and let the wind mess up my hair.

I wanna do both while listening to music. 

I wanna sit on the beach and let my pen take to a pad.  

I wanna have a day with just me and a view. 

I wanna go somewhere beautiful land use all of my senses. 

I wanna sing, cry, laugh, and pray. 

I wanna do this soon and for it to slowly go by. 

I wanna start living and doing; no more sitting and thinking.  

What do you wanna do? Have you thought about it?  

Don’t wait too long; I’m not.

I’m done wanting. 

I’m Gonna.