My Corner


I know who’s in my corner.

He’s there round after round, after round.

He prepares me for the tough matches.

He knows what I can fight & what I can’t.

He knows when I’m ready and when I’m not.

When I can’t get up, He picks me up, turns me around, and places my feet on solid ground.

He gives my body the strength to keep fighting.

He gives me the courage to take on tough opponents.

He gives me the power to take the hits & give them back.

He never throws the towel in or gives up on me.

I’m undefeated.

Who’s in your Corner?








What I’m Thinking…


Everyone is asleep. House is quiet and it’s me and Duke chill’n in the living room.

I love my quiet mornings.  I think about the day and what is planned. Think about my husband and kids.

Read and hear updates on the weather and traffic.

I have a simple life with a simple home. Both are not big and fancy. Both are in need of upgrades and repairs. 🙂

As I sit here enjoying my warm, peaceful home I think of those who don’t have my simple but happy life and home.

As I sit here thinking of how crowded and loud my home was yesterday, I think of those who sit in hotels, shelters, or hospitals.

As I sit here thinking of the weight I’ve gained from all the delicious food I’ve eaten, I think of those who are hungry.

As I sit here thinking of all the parties we’re invited to this week, I think of those who have no one.

 As I sit here thinking of how annoying some family members can be, I think of those who have lost their loved ones.

I also think of Philippians 4:6. This scripture says to pray and ask God for everything always giving thanks for what you have.

Another scripture I think of today is Philipans 4:4. It says to be joyful in the Lord always.

I think of how He loves us at our darkest times and our brightest times. I think of how He sent His only son for us. John 3:16

What are you thinking about today?