You Got a Light?


Have you ever witnessed something that made your day?  Something that made you happy inside and outside. This happened to me last Saturday. I was on my way to an early meeting and the streets were empty. I was driving to the meeting with my music on, windows down, and then it happened. I was at a red light and I was the only one at the intersection. I saw a man walking on the sidewalk towards my direction. When he got to the intersection he stopped and a few minutes later yelled, “you got a light?” I smiled and shook my head no. Then he raised his arms and said, “Well, Praise the Lord, I woke up today.” Then he walked away. I wish I had thought of it sooner, but I took a picture of him as he walked away.

After my meeting I met a friend for lunch and I witnessed a young couple saying Grace before their meal. I smiled because in just a few short hours I witnessed a man giving Praise and a couple giving thanks. It felt like I ran into some relatives.  Wait… we are related aren’t we?

Brothers and sisters, God loves you, and we know that He has chosen you to be His people. I Thessalonians 1:4

Maybe God sent those people to me as a reminder that His people are everywhere. He’s everywhere. Maybe it was a test to see if I was going to judge the man and ignore him. Maybe it was a reminder from God that we’re all His children. Even the man on the corner.

A lot of people probably would have ignored the man and maybe on a different day I would have. I’m glad I didn’t ignore him.  He asked me for a light and ended up sharing his with me. Do you have a light?

The Good


How do you love yourself? What does that look like? What does that feel like?

A young lady asked me that today. You would think that everyone knows how to do this, but she didn’t. She’s been busy looking for love in all the wrong places. Now she’s in pain, mad and frustrated.

This is how I answered her:

“You love yourself by only allowing good in your life because you don’t deserve the bad.

You love yourself by not filling your body with toxins, by not allowing anyone, including yourself, to abuse you emotionally or physically.

You love yourself by using what God has Blessed you with to accomplish everything you put your mind to do.

You love yourself the way you want to be loved, otherwise nobody else will.

You love yourself first in order to receive the respect you deserve.

You love yourself by owning your faults and working to fix them; by never stop trying to be the best you can be, both inside and outside.

You love yourself by forgiving yourself for all of the things you’ve done wrong.

You love yourself by giving yourself a break and letting Jesus take the wheel because He knows the way.

You love yourself by reminding yourself that you are loved and never alone; by asking Jesus to come into your life and show you what real love is.

You love yourself by putting Him first in your life, because He is there when nobody else is; because He knows everything about you and still loves you.

That’s how you love yourself. That’s what you deserve. That’s what you need. That’s how you love. I learned the hard way that not loving yourself opens the door to heartache and pain. I learned in order to be loved the right way, you must first know what that feels like. If you don’t, then you’ll accept anything and anything isn’t good enough.”

I’m thankful I went thru the bad to get to the good. I’m thankful I could answer her question. What about you, could you have answered her question? Have you been thru the bad to get to the good? Better question… do you know the good?